MassInsight Success Tools Website


Advanced Placement Success Tools Website  

Scope of Project

  • Content Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Project Management

The Challenge

Through funding from the Bill & Melinda Gate Foundation, MassInsight wanted to create a robust set of online tools for school administrators, educators, and instructional coaches in order to support equitable AP success. Although the content was well-developed we had to make sure that we thoroughly understood the concepts and content so that the tools were delivered to the public in a way that was clear, intuitive, and accessible. 

The Solution

Ace Creative conducted our discovery, wireframing, and design phases and produced a responsive and ADA-compliant website for users to explore the three tools. We created simple and graphic visuals to guide the user through the different tools and encourage users to take the “AP Equity Self-Assessment”—the first step in building a more equitable classroom that addresses the needs of historically underserved students.

Providing an Overall Framework

It was important that we create simple messaging and a solid user-experience where the audience could understand the overall framework around the APAC toolkit but also have easy entry points to find information they may be interested in. We designed a simple and intuitive interface to guide users towards the “on track framework” and explore different educational experiences that lead to AP student success. 

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Building Resource Libraries

The client had developed two large libraries of posts (as Google sheets) that would make up the majority of the resources on the site. We helped the client figure out how to best organize and categorize the content and then imported the libraries into the new website as posts. We created a filterable system for users to explore the resources in a variety of ways. 

Providing Summary Content for Offline Activity

We we designed an at-a-glance, printable document for the audience to use as reference that explains the overall framework. We ensured that the PDF is screen-reader friendly so that all audiences can access the content.
PDF Screenshot of Mass Insight information